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Amy Not Verified New York

Online, New York

$35/hr $45/hr

My education covers a broad spectrum of disciplines and genres that enables me to better serve the needs of the students. I have over 15 years of experience in classroom environments, teaching amongst diverse student populations representing various cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, as well as different emotional / learning needs. Additionally, I have 8 years of experience teaching across virtual platforms. My experience includes curriculum design, Autism and Special Education, Adult Education, HSE instruction, Early Intervention, General Studies, etc. I use a variety of creative teaching techniques to engage students with different learning styles and needs.

Anika Not Verified California

Online, California

$35/hr $45/hr

Hello, my name is Anika. I graduated from Santa Clara University with a B.A. in Communications and a Masters in Business Administration from Notre Dame De Namur University. In college and graduate school, I realized the courses, I appreciate most weren’t necessarily the topics I was most interesting in. Rather it was the professors who made the class enjoyable. These professors were always engaging and comprehensive when teaching the material in the classroom or online, and willing to go the extra mile when I asked additional questions. I want to bring this knowledge to my students and try to do…

Bradley Not Verified Indiana

Online, Indiana


Daniel Not Verified Florida

Online, Florida

$20/hr $25/hr

Eleven years of teaching and tutoring including my own children. A Bachelors and Masters Degree along with a teaching certificate. I love to teach and can help with many subjects.

Dee Not Verified North Carolina

Online, North Carolina

$30/hr $30/hr

Jessica Not Verified Kansas

Online, Kansas

$35/hr $75/hr

I have provided direct instruction and differentiated learning to struggling students, ages 3-21, for 22 years.

Jonaee Not Verified California

Online, California

$18/hr $0.00/hr

Hi. My name is Jonaee.  I’m from California. My favorite color is sunflower yellow. I enjoy reading, writing, singing, dance and I also love to cook. With over 10 years of experience teaching all ages, grade students in person/online. I have become an expert at commanding student attention and managing both small and large classrooms. I believe these skills, combined with my ability to foster constructive learning environments, make me ideal. Thank you for reading.

Luke Not Verified Florida

Online, Florida


Greetings, Welcome to TutorHost. I have been teaching English for over ten years, both online and in the classroom. I have lived in many countries while helping to improve the language skills of locals and school staff. My most recent positions include School Director, Head of English, Academic Coordinator, and running and teaching after school programs and summer school. I would love a chance to work with you and provide the assistance that you need to succeed. Thank you.