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Alexander Not Verified Missouri

Online, Missouri


I specialize in SAT/ACT test prep, focusing on English and Reading, as well as College Admission Essay Writing. I also teach AP Lang, AP Lit, and AP US History. In addition, I have experience with teaching ESL students and disabled students. My philosophy is that knowledge is the key to a successful life, whether it be higher education or better career. I work closely and patiently with each student to ensure he or she gets the most out of our sessions together.

Alexis Not Verified Pennsylvania

Online, Pennsylvania

My name is Lexi. I have always had a passion for being of service, and helping others, whether my sibling, peers, colleagues or strangers. I spent various years in high school tutoring younger grades, and partaking in after school homework assistance. During my time at Temple University, I served as a mentor in our School of Social Work’s start-up mentor-mentee program. In addition, I volunteered with an after school program called Eye-to-Eye with a focus on hands-on activities for students with a wide range of learning disabilities. Now, as a mother to a curious toddler, I spend my days guiding…

Jesse Not Verified New York

Online, New York


I have accumulated over 2 years of ACT/SAT test prep tutoring experience at various learning centers, as well as privately. While holding each role, I worked with students in either a 1:1, 2:1, or 3:1 setting, and spent most of my time tutoring them in the English, Reading, Writing, and Science sections of the SAT & ACT. I also assisted some students with their college essay assignments and supplements. The age range of the students I taught was between elementary school and high school, however I spent most of my time working with high school students at the 11th and…

Kari Not Verified Illinois

Online, Illinois

$40/hr $40/hr

Megan Not Verified California

Online, California

$40/hr $60/hr

After earning my Single Subject Teaching Credential in English, I taught high school English and Journalism for eight years. Later, after having my two children, I taught eighth grade English to students of all ability levels and backgrounds, including English language learners and students with various learning challenges. I am now an ELA tutor for students in grades K-12. I also work with students who are preparing for the SAT and/or ACT (all ELA sections). I offer guidance in test-taking strategies, time management, and learning the grammar rules that they haven’t been taught in the classroom. I also assist seniors…

Salena Not Verified Illinois

Online, Illinois

$20/hr $25/hr

Hello! I currently work as an online English Tutor . I have been employed as an English tutor for three + years. I graduated this summer Aug 2021 with a MA in TESOL (masters in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages ) from Arizona State University, and I have a BA in English. I also have experience as a private tutor, teaching students in person and online from grades 4-13. These catered lesson plans for individual students range in topics from English, Spanish, AP classes, History, Art, Science, test prep, to ACT/SAT, and others. It brings me personal joy…