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Laura Not Verified Pennsylvania

Online, Pennsylvania

$35/hr $45/hr

I have 6 years experience as a substitute teacher. Additionally, I am presently working as an independent contractor for the ESL company VIPKid. I have a Master’s in Special Education and vast knowledge and training in Applied Behavioral Analysis. I have worked with special needs students as well as typically developing students, applying skills such as effective classroom management, using inquiry-based practices to encourage learning, and creating an environment based on trust. Additional skills include my ability to be energetic, encouraging, patient and kind. I also understand the importance of making students feel at ease, gently correcting mistakes, and using…

Tonya Not Verified


$30.00/hr $35.00/hr

Hello, I am so excited about this opportunity to assist you with your learning. I believe that education is an important key to life. My skills as a PhD. Psychologist has expanded my horizons as a learner. Educational success is what I strive for in my students. “Reading in Fundamental” is one of my favorite quotes. My concentration is on core skill development, writing, reading, remedial courses, mentoring, personal development and humanities.